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About Dr. Nudell

Why Choose Dr. Nudell

Dr. Nudell has the most experience of any fellowship-trained male reproductive urologist in the South Bay and Peninsula. He received his M.D. degree from the Stanford University School of Medicine, then completed his urologic residency at the University of California, San Francisco. He then attended the prestigious Male infertility fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine with Dr. Larry Lipshultz.

Dr. Nudell has had extensive clinical and research experience and publications throughout his training. While there, he published extensively on male reproduction in both clinical and basic science areas. During and since his fellowship, Dr. Nudell has tested and evaluated well over 1000 infertile couples. Dr. Nudell uses the most up to date technology for all testing and uses the operating microscope on all infertility surgery cases. He offers complete evaluation of the male, all microsurgical techniques and all laboratory techniques necessary to assist in a couple’s reproductive efforts.

Dr. Nudell works closely with all of the reproductive gynecologists in the Bay Area.

Dr. Nudell’s Staff

Dr. Nudell works with a small staff dedicated to make the process of male infertility evaluation comfortable and efficient. You can reach his nurses for clinical questions, but Dr. Nudell ALWAYS discusses lab results with you himself, as these tests are complicated and require a physician’s explanation.

Surgery scheduling can be done by contacting Yolanda at 408 358 2030 ext. 239. You can also reach Yolanda via email at

Clinical and Hospital Locations

Dr. Nudell’s office is located at 2460 Samaritan Drive San Jose, CA. Lab testing is performed at various high quality labs in the area.

Microsurgery is performed at a number of IVF centers or at a local surgery center with the highest quality Zeiss operating microscopes. Blood tests are done through QUEST or other commercial laboratories. Microsurgery is performed as an outpatient either at the Los Gatos Surgical Center or any number of IVF centers.

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