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Male Fertility

Improving Male Fertility: Six Easy Ways

Male fertility can easily be maintained. There are many factors that may have an effect on sperm counts and quality in men. Some solutions are more obvious than others but there are some easy ways you can amend your lifestyle to lift the quality of sperm when trying to conceive. Some of the simplest, best and most effective ways are shown below.

6. Cigarettes and alcohol

This one should go without saying. Smoking is shown to damage the sperm; no ifs, no buts. The same goes with excessive alcohol consumption. By laying off the cigarettes and alcohol you’ll also be doing yourself a favor in other areas.

5. Bin the briefs

Tight-fitting underwear can cause the testicles to heat and damage the sperm. By switching to breezier boxers your testicles can do their job: keeping sperm at a cool, healthy temperature. Tight pants can prevent them from this by keeping the testicles pressed up warm against the body.

4. Fruits and vegetables

By swapping the burgers and fries for fruit and vegetables you’ll be dosing yourself with those fresh vitamins that your body needs to do its job. The plus side is eating fruit and vegetables is shown to have a positive effect on almost every other physiological outcome as well.

3. Weight and exercise

Being overweight, as cruel as it may seem, strongly correlates with infertility and associated problems – linked with low testosterone levels as well as increased temperatures (see number 5) due to the extra insulating fat. On the other hand, regular and intense exercise is shown to increase testosterone levels, as well as leaving you in better shape and with an increased libido.

2. Multivitamins

As well as the importance of a good and proper diet featuring lots of fresh greens, supplementary multivitamins can be taken. These will ensure that you are not missing out on anything that may be deficient in the diet. Certain types are targeted at men and should include selenium, zinc and folate. All three of these have been linked to healthy sperm production.

1. Avoid certain types of food

Certain types of food have been associated with low sperm counts, with red meat being a big culprit. Swapping the steak for chicken should go hand in hand with eating more fruit and vegetables as above. Outside of this there are plenty of foods that are shown to help increase sperm counts including seafood and grains.

Of course, if making lifestyle changes doesn’t seem to help with male fertility situation, then professional help can be sought. Occasionally it can be difficult to identify exactly what it is that is causing the reduced male fertility. With the help of a medical professional possible causes can be discussed; including counts, tests and medication to seek out an appropriate solution to the problem.

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