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Male Infertility And Heavy Drinking Are Not A Good Mix

Trying to conceive and you cannot figure out why you have not been successful. Heavy drinking may be the culprit.

If you are drinking excessively, this may be causing problems with your fertility. Drinking too much alcohol is related to male infertility and may cause long term damage and reduce your chances of conceiving a child.

Medical studies have shown that heavy drinking done on regular basis causes damage to the male reproductive system. Drinking excessive amounts of beer, wine, and liquor harms the body and causes problems with your sexual health and fertility and some of these problems include the lowering of testosterone levels as well as negative affects on sperm quality and sperm quantity in men. Another problem alcohol causes for couples is that it lowers the male partners libido and can cause impotence. Men who are regular, heavy drinkers are more likely to have erection problems and long-term alcoholism can lead to permanent impotency. If you cannot have sex, you cannot conceive.

One study that focused on alcoholics and alcoholism found that only 12% of those men who were excessive drinkers had normal sperm counts and good health compared with 37% of non-alcoholics. The study found that as the amounts of alcohol consumed went up, the sperm count dropped, normal sperm shape decreased, and sperm motility became worse.

The focus of another study was IVF treatment and drinking. The study found that for every drink a man consumed per day, the risk of conception that did not lead to a live birth increased two to eight times. If the drinking habits occurred within a month of the IVF treatment, the risk became even more apparent.

Sperm cell damage, reduced sperm motility, and abnormally shaped sperm are affected by heavy alcohol consumption research has shown. Continued alcoholism can lead to permanent sperm cell abnormalities and prostate damage.

Although there are studies that have found a link between excessive alcohol consumption and male infertility, other studies have found that there is no relationship between male fertility and moderate drinking. So, what should you do? Drinking in moderation is okay although, if you are going through IVF treatments, it may be better for you to consider cutting out alcohol altogether during treatment.

Men who are trying to conceive a child should be aware that alcohol consumption could cause sperm abnormalities and a decrease in testicular function. Best practice, if you are trying to conceive a child is to limit your alcohol consumption. If you are going through IVF treatments, abstaining from alcohol altogether would be best for you and your partner.

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