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About Dr. Nudell

Dr. Nudell has the most experience of any fellowship-trained male reproductive urologist in the South Bay and Peninsula. He received his M.D. degree from the Stanford University School of Medicine, then completed his urologic residency at the University of California, San Francisco.

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The first visit is geared to understanding each individual couples’ problems, goals and timeline for treatment.


There are several conditions affecting male fertility that can be treated with medicines or supplements.

Vasectomy Reversal

Dr. Nudell offers FREE consultations regarding vasectomy reversals. When the vas deferens is divided at the time of vasectomy, sperm continue to be produced in the testicles on each side.

Men’s Health

Men’s health, related to hormone, refers to any aspect of overall male health that may affect well-being, energy level, sexual function, or fertility.

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What patients say Dr. David Nudell

  • Thank you very much again for everything you do! I feel that life is colorful again. It turns out that every analysis and decision you made was right. I sincerely admire your expertise and thoughtfulness. Best of the best. We are so blessed to have you. Will update you with results.

  • Dr. Nudell was referred to me by my physician, who thought I might have kidney stones. I got in within two days, and had a CT scan done shortly after my meeting with the doctor. He was very efficient and compassionate, and I got my results the same day. I ended up testing negative for stones, but should I ever need to see a urologist again I would highly recommend him. His assistant was very nice, and the office is clean and modern.

  • Dr. Nudell solved a chronic issue I have had my whole life. He is a real problem-solver. I didn't get invasive work done, but if I had to, I had the feeling he would be gentle. Bonuses: He has a pleasant personality and his receptionist and nurses are all really great!

  • I have been treated by Dr. Nudell for a couple of issues and have been to his office several times. I have never had a bad experience. I have found him to be great. He is pleasant, knowledgeable and explains things very well. Most of my communication with Dr Nudell has been by email which he encouraged. He responds very quickly every time. I have not had to wait long in his office. He generally runs on time. And the office staff have been pleasant.

  • I have been going to Dr Nudell for almost a year now. He diagnosed my prostate cancer and guided me to the proper treatment. Dr Nudell is very affirmative, caring and very capable. He also has been giving me Lupron shots for my prostate cancer. I really like him.

  • My husband been going to Dr Nudell for the pass several months. My husband absolutely love Dr Nudell. Dr Nudell is very affirmative, caring, and very knowledgable. Any question we have he would always have an answer to. As for the staff, Stephanie in the front desk she is nice with a very soft voice. Yolanda on the other hand not too friendly. Yolanda does scheduling for Dr Nudell surgery and when it's too busy she don't get back to you and the only way to get a hold of her is through email.

  • As the review rating states, Dr. Nudell is as good as it gets. He's professional, personable and just an all around great guy. You will not meet anyone more willing to work with you on a day when a kidney stone attack hits which happens to be the day before you take a week long trip to the East coast. Upon calling Dr. Nudell's office, his nurse Sally followed-up within fifteen minutes. They were able to see me within hours of my initial call to them and addressed my needs. Again, doesn't get any better than this.